Battle of the Atlantic XII
Bubba Ray's Sports Bar

Halifax, NS
November 23,  2013
Referees: Rick Pinkney, Luc Faubert, Chris Scott, Shawn Ross

Battle of the Atlantic XII

Championship Matches 

Right Lightweight 
Rejean Allain, Champion defeats Will Sarty, Challenger

Right Middleweight
Randy Bayers, Champion defeats Matthew Purdy, Challenger

Right Heavyweight
Mark MacPhail, Challenger defeats Charlie McGeoghegan, Champion
Left Lightweight
Will Sarty, Challenger defeats Rejean Allain, Champion

Left Middleweight
Randy Bayers, Champion defeats Jim McGeoghegan, Challenger

Left Heavyweight
Charlie McGeoghegan, Challenger defeats Mark MacPhail, Champion

Triple Elimination

Right Lightweight
1. Ryan Purdy, Halifax 
2. Rejean Allain, Moncton, NB
3. Will Sarty, Sackville
4. Shane Kaiser, New Ross
Donavon Crouse, Beaconsfield

Right Middleweight

1. Randy Bayers, Ship Harbour 
2. Mathew Purdy, Malagash
3. Jeff McBride, Digby 
4. Mark Crouse, Beaconsfield
5. Garry Laird, Nictaux

Right Heavyweight

1. Shawn Ross, Kingston 
2. Randy Bayers, Ship Harbour
3. Jon Thompson, Halifax
4. Phillip Carty, Digby  
5. Tim Pye, Halifax
6. Chris Scott, Sackville
7. Pat McGeoghegan, Belfast, PEI
8. Charlie McGeoghegan, Belfast, PEI 
9. Dennis Larkin, Halifax
10. Trevor Sanipass, Sackville
11. Ron Morehouse, Digby, NS

Ladies Right Open

1. Angela Hall, Timberlea
2. Jessica King Hainesville NB
3. Brooke Crouse, Middleton
4. Melissa Louvelle, Porters Lake
5. Paula O’Connoll Sackville
6. Ellie Mae Scott, Halifax
7. Melissa Mattice, Sackville

Left Lightweight
Ryan Purdy, Halifax 
2. Will Sarty, Sackville 
3. Shane Kaiser, New Ross
4. Donavon Crouse, Beaconsfield

Left Middleweight

1. Randy Bayers, Ship Harbour  
2. Mark Crouse, Beaconsfield
3. Mathew Purdy, Malagash
4. Jimmy McGeoghegan, PEI
5. Jeff McBride, Digby
6. Garry Laird, Nictaux

Left Heavyweight
1. Jon Thompson, Halifax
2. Shawn Ross, Kingston
3. Pat McGeoghegan, Belfast, PEI
4. Randy Bayers, Ship Harbour
5. Tim Pye, Halifax
6. Charlie McGeoghegan, Belfast, PEI
7. Trevor Sanipass, Sackville
8. Chris Scott, Sackville
9. Ron Morehouse, Digby, NS

Ladies Left Open
1. Jessica King Hainesville NB
2. Angela Hall, Timberlea
3. Paula O’Connoll Sackville 
4. Brooke Crouse, Middleton
5. Melissa Mattice, Sackville
6. Melissa Louvelle, Porters Lake
7. Ellie Mae Scott, Halifax

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