Ultimate Arm Wrestling #1

Ultimate Arm Wrestling #1 took place Saturday evening at The Rodeo Lounge in Dartmouth. UAC#1 delivered everything it promised. An awesome venue, a great crowd, wicked matches and amazing competitors. The Rodeo Gals vs. the Molson Canadian girls on the mechanical bull is worthy of honorable mention as well. :)

Michael Todd proved he is The Monster and took Mark MacPhail in all 6 of their matches.  It seemed when Mark took the fast offensive position that Michael would hold the advantage and the opposite was in effect when Michael went offensive Mark was able to put up quite a fight.  Mark did Nova Scotia proud and certainly deserved our appreciation!
Mark Crouse once again showed his dominance in the Middleweight Class as he easily defended his title and belt against Ryan Purdy.  Mark took all 6 matches in a variety of styles.

Wayde Graves was able to shock a stronger Shaun Deveau in taking this matchup with 4 wins to 2.  Shaun took the early lead but Wayde was able to battle back with strap matches and presses to overtake and exhaust Shaun.

Ed McLellan and Tim Wrigley squared up against each other in a best of 5 match.  Despite Tim trying to change up his style a bit, Ed was able to pull Tim tight into his hook for 3 quick wins.
Wayde Graves and Shaun Deveau

Will Sarty met Darren Taylor in a best of 5 match up.  Darren has been improving in leaps and bounds over the last year but was unable to mount much of a strike against Will who took the 3 match win.

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Chris Scott Jr. and Chris Rafuse paired up in the first match up of the day with Rafuse taking the 1st match and looked good to continue it on.  Unfortunately, for Rafuse, Chris Scott had more up his sleeve and was able to take the next two matches and the win.