2009 Ranking Tournament

Arm Wrestler of the Year!

he 2009 Ranking tournament provided plenty of action with may upsets. Randy Bayers proved that he is someone to be reckoned with in the future as he took the very competitive right lightweight class. In the left lightweight class it looked like Paul Graham was on his way to victor after beating Mark Crouse and heavily favoured Sylvio Bourque. However Mark Crouse changed tactics and came back to win the class.

In the heavyweight classes Mark MacPhail was the man of the day taking both classes. However it was no  walk in the park. Mark and Shawn Ross had a battle that extended to the 6th and final match. In the left hand Wayde Graves upset both Shaun Deveau and Shawn Ross and then stopped Mark MacPhail in the final.

The year end awards were handed out after the competition:
The following are the  award winners:
Rookie of the Year: Ralphie Bayers
Most Dedicated: Shaun Deveau
Most Improved: Terrence Wrigley
Most Sportsmanlike: Shawn Ross
Arm Wrestler of the Year: Shaun Deveau

The Engine Room
Truro, Nova Scotia
November 27, 2009
Entries: 38
Referees: Rick Pinkney, Chris Scott

Right Lightweight (Under 187lbs)
1. Randy Bayers, Ship Harbour
2. Rejean Allain, St. Marie de Kent, NB
3. Mark Crouse, Beaconsfield
4. Trever Weatherbee, Stewiacke
5. Ryan Purdy, Halifax
6. Edouard Bourque, Grande-Digue, NB
7. Tim Wrigley, Halifax
8. Ed McLellan, Hilden
9. Matthew Purdy, Malagash
10. Darren Taylor, Middleton
11. Christopher Scott, Sackville
12. Garry Kell, Antigonish
13. Paul Graham, Durham
14. Will Sarty, Sackville
15. Terrence Wrigley, Halifax
16. Sylvio Bourque, Grande-Digue, NB

Right Heavyweight (Over 187lbs)
1. Mark MacPhail, Ben Eoin
2. Shawn Ross, Kingston
3. Wayde Graves, Bedford
4. Mark Rockwell, Mt. Uniacke
5. Shaun Deveau, Dartmouth

Left Lightweight (187lbs)
1. Mark Crouse, Beaconsfield
2. Paul Graham, Durham
3. Sylvio Bourque, Grande-Digue, NB
4. Rejean Allain, St. Marie de Kent, NB
5. Ryan Purdy, Halifax
6. Tim Wrigley, Halifax
7.  Darren Taylor, Middleton
8. Will Sarty, Sackville
9. Christopher Scott, Sackville
10. Terrence Wrigley, Halifax
11. Edouard Bourque, Grande-Digue, NB
12. Matthew Purdy, Malagash

Right Heavyweight (Over 187lbs)
1. Mark MacPhail, Ben Eoin
2.  Wayde Graves, Bedford
3.  Shawn Ross, Kingston
4. Shaun Deveau, Dartmouth
5.  Mark Rockwell, Mt. Uniacke
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