Acadia Hall
Sackville, Nova Scotia
Oct 24, 2009

The third edition of the Ultimate Armwrestling Championship took place Saturday October 24 at Acadia Hall in Sackville. There were nine challenge matches plus the 154lb Challenge that offered up $1850 in prize money. The highlight being the Ultimate Armwrestling Championship Heavyweight title match between Champion Earl Wilson of Collingwood, Ontario and Challenger Tim Bresnan of Connecticut, USA.

The day started out with the preliminaries of the 154lb challenge. Although both Will Sarty and Tim Wrigley gave Norm Devio of Massachusetts a very hard pull he sent both local boys down to the "B" side. Rejean Allain was having a much easier time working his way to the quarter-finals o the "A" side. The preliminaries finished up with Norm and Rejean on the "A" side and Will and Stephen Simon on the "B" side.

Using the crossover method in a best of 3, both Norm Devio beat Stephen Simon and Rejean Allain beat Will Sarty 2-0. Then in the battle for 3rd & 4th Will beat Stephen 2-0. In the best of 5 finals Rejean ran into trouble trying to put away Devio. Rejean had 3 tries but couldn't get a win over the 69yr old Devio. In the end Devio walked away with the $1000 first place winnings.

The Challenge Matches started out with Ron Klemba of Connecticut taking on Ralphie Bayers of Ship Harbour in a best of 5. Although Ralphie put up a valiant struggle he couldn't handle Ron's great top roll. Next up was a left handed match with Chris Scott Jr and Gary Laird. These guys battled hard in this best of 5. Chris was able to get the jump on Gary and then worked with his top roll and shoulder to put Gary away.

Shaun Deveau wanted to take away Charlie McGeoghegan’s Battle of the Atlantic ranking but it was not to be on this night as Charlie dominated Shawn in all three of the best of 5.

Next up was another Scott and another McGeoghegan. Chris Scott Sr was up against Pat McGeoghegan in a right handed best of 5. pat was able to get one win in but appeared to run out of steam after the first two very long matches and Chris was able to win it 3-1.

Charlie McGeoghegan was back to the table again in a best of 5 left handed matches against Shawn Ross. However the tables were turned this time with Shawn Ross as Shawn won easily 3-0.

Another left handed match was up with Shaun Deveau going up against Craig Mitchell of Ontario. This was not Shaun's night as he went 0 for 3.

Ron Klemba and Ralphie Bayers were back to the table in another best of 5 but with their left hands. Ralphie must have learned from his right hand losses as he put up a much better performance but still went down to defeat 3-1.

Tim Wrigley was originally to pull Willie Reagan of the US but Willie was a no-show and Norm Devio stepped in to take his place. The 69yr old Devio was again a victor as he took out Wrigley 2-0.

In the final match-up of the evening Earl Wilson put his UAC Heavyweight Title on the line against 6'4 320lb Tim Bresnan of Connecticut. These two had met earlier in the year when Earl beat Tim at the World Championships in Italy. However on this night it was all Tim. Tim had figured out Earl and his plan worked to perfection taking Earl out in four straight matches.

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