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Monday Night Wars 8 - Angies' of Burnside

The Nova Scotia Arm Wrestling Association went back to Angies of Burnside for another set of matches in our Battle of the Atlantic challenge. This past Monday night saw 6 of our competitors lock up in a total of 18 matches. Although 2 of the outcomes actually surprised me, the voting on these matches was very accurate to the actual outcome. As always our competitors put on a great show and as we say "left very little on the table".

Our first match up was Will Sarty vs. Tim Wrigley. This match up was very important for both competitors as it could have set up the opportunity to move into 1st spot before the Championships in November. The first match went into a top roll position in which Will took a very hard earned win. In the next match Tim was able to make an adjustment and turn in to his hook. As we know Tim is like a pit pull in that hook and down went Will and Tim took the 2nd match. Will took the 3rd match in a long pull that ended with Tim losing in the top roll due to a foul in losing position. Tim took the following 2 matches in a hook and the 6th and last match did get back into a top roll that seemed to favor Will but Tim was able to swing in behind and drop will below the pin line with a top roll shoulder press. This leaves Will holding his 4th place ranking in the Lightweight Right Hand and Tim stays in 2nd place.

The second set of matches were Rick Pinkney and Mathew Purdy. I thought that Matt's power may just take him through this for the win and by the way he slammed Rick through the pin line on the first pull, that seemed to be what was about to happen. Rick, however would have none of that. He was able to adjust his pressure out a bit on Matt's hand and keep him out of the deep hook (as you can see here). Rick took the next 5 matches in a high hook position. Matt was likely a little disappointed but the improvements from him are certainly evident to anyone who locks up with him. Expect to see more of him in the near future! This match up leaves Matt in his 3rd place spot in Middleweight Right Hand and Rick hold on to his 2nd place standing.

The third and final match up was new comer Pete Campbell vs. Ed McLellan. Many people, including myself, thought Pete's power would get him a win against Ed. The first three matches, however, went into a deep hook and with Ed's experience he was able to pin Pete. Pete was able to make a slight adjustment on the fourth match and was able to take Ed over for a hard fought pin that tired both competitors. The last two matches again went back to Ed which saw "Eddie the Hook" winning in a top-roll. Isn't that ironic? Ed retains his 7th place standing in the Lightweight Left Hand and Pete drops in behind him at 8th.

Darren Taylor was a no-show for his match with Artie MacMaster so Art wins that by default and stays in 2nd spot in the Lightweight Left hand. No standings will change on this as Darren was the challenger so he will remain at 4th spot.

Tim Wrigley defeats Will Sarty 4 matches to 2
Rick Pinkney defeats Mathew Purdy 5 matches to 1
Ed McLellan defeats Pete Campbell 5 matches to 1


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