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Monday Night Wars 7 - Angies' of Burnside

This event started off with some confusion. We had posted 2 differing start times and then Angie's closed down early... Chris Scott pulled through for us and off we went to hold our event for the first time ever, in a garage. It was fitting somehow, with the grunting and cheering surrounded by the tools, grease and broken down vehicles.

Our first match was Melvin Peach and Ryan Purdy left handed. Most everyone figured that this would just be a formality for the ever dominant Melvin Peach and it did start out that way.
Melvin took the first 3 matches in his normal smashing fashion but then Ryan was able to take the next 4 matches in succession! Melvin-3 / Ryan-4

Following this was the right hand match up between Mark Rockwell and Rejean Alain who drove almost 3 hrs to come down for this. Seems it was worth the drive as he had no trouble dispatching Mark in 6 straight matches. Mark tried to change things up a bit but Rejean is undoubtedly getting stronger each time he comes out! Rejean-6 / Mark-0

Tim Wrigly and Ed actually had to pull the following week due to the above stated confusion. The first 2 matches here started off withboth competitors driving into the hook. Ed was able to hit through Tim for the wins. The second 2 matches Tim set up for the top roll but Ed was able to twist into his hook for the wins. Ed's lack of stamina became very apparent in the last 2 matches as he really had nothing left for Tim. Ed-4 / Tim-2

The final match in this BOTA was Ed and Terrence Wrigly. Terrence took the early lead here with a very tough top roll. Ed was able to come and take the next three matches, one of which was in the straps. Terrence followed this up by two more top roll wins and forced the tie breaking 7th match. Ed was in trouble and tried to get back to the straps but Terrence would have none of that and top rolled Ed to take the win. Terrance-4 / Ed-3


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