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Monday Night Wars 6 - Angies' of Burnside

Another successful Monday Night War!

started the night off with a left handed match between Mark Crouse and Wayde Graves. This match was left handed and used 3 different set ups. They began with 2 matches in a hook, followed by 2 matches straight up and finished off with 2 matches set up in the straps. Wayde took this win 4 wins to Mark's 2.

2nd match up of the evening was right handed between Rick Pinkney and Shawn Deveau. This match was 6 pulls wrist to wrist or what we refer to as "power pulling". This format takes the hand out of play which was vital for Rick as he is nursing an injury. His arm, however, looked just fine... Rick took this match in overtime with 4 wins to Shawn's 3 wins.

3rd match last night was between Chris Rafuse and Brian Coffill. Chris is a relative newcomer to the sport but is showing a ton of promise. Their match was set up as 3 right hand hooks and 3 left hand hooks. Brian showed his dominance in the 3 right hand matches while Chris showed Brian how to do things with the left hand. The final match, since this ended in a tie, was decide by the flip of a coin. Brian took this match in overtime (right handed) with 4 wins to Chris' 3 wins.

4th and final match in Monday night War #6 was the four way round robin between Artie MacMaster, Mark Rockwell, Wayde Graves and Mark Crouse. (Wade Graves stepped in for Matt Purdy who was a "no show") This was a very interesting match and I think only one person saw this outcome.

Mark Crouse really looked un-touchable throughout the round robin portion of this event. Crushing Mark Rockwell in the 1st match and then dropping Artie and Wayde almost as quick. After his first loss to Mark Crouse, Mark Rockwell looked really good as well, pinning Artie and Wayde with ease. I do believe this was somewhat due to the killer match that Artie and Wayde had, with Wayde taking a long and hard fought win. Neither guy could put up much after that.

After the round robin, Mark Crouse had 3 wins, Mark Rockwell had 2 wins, Wayde Grave had a single win and surprisingly Artie pulled for 3 losses. The round robin looked like this: Mark Crouse 3 wins Mark Rockwell 2 wins Wayde Graves 1 win Artie MacMaster 0 wins

In the best 2 out of 3 between Crouse and Rockwell it seemed that Crouse had this in the bag after taking the first match. (That was the longest pull that I have seen in quite awhile.) There was a total of 6 warnings issued in this match alone and each competitor looked dead tired at the end with Mark Crouse pulling through for the win. After that Mark Rockwell took over and used a combination of Strength, Stamina and a strange screaming technique to pull out the last 2 wins and become the over all winner in the what turned out to be one of our most exciting 4 way's ever!

Mark Rockwell 2, Mark Crouse 1


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