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Monday Night Wars 3

Angie's Place - June 16, 2007

Rick Pinkney, Sackville def Wayde Graves, Bedford 5-1

Wayde's injuries caught up to him in this matchup as he couldn't get any kind of an advantage and didn't have the stamina to stay in there.

Mark Rockwell, Mount Uniacke def Melvin Peach, Halifax 4-2
Melvin's hits were working for him until he got into the straps with Mark. Then Mark's overwhelming power proved too much. Some very good matches.

Matthew Purdy, Malagash def Ryan Purdy, Halifax 4-2
This was an alternating 3 hook and 3 straight up starts. In the hook Matthew was very dominant and Ryan had the advantage in the straight up starts. The difference here was the one match where Matthew caught Ryan put him into a hook and pulled him back.

Shawn Ross, Kingston def Chris Scott, Sackville 5-1
This was a lot closer than the score dictates. Chris was working hard to keep Shawn out of the hook. They had some great battles, but Shawn was able to power through.


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