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Monday Night Wars 2

Bud's Pub May 14, 2007

Chris Scott, Sackville def  Terrence Wrigley, Middleton 4-3
This was a very exciting match-up. These two showed a very versatile game by using a top roll and should press to win their matches. These two swapped matches sending it into overtime and the young Chris Scott taking it in the final.

Ryan Purdy, Halifax def Wayde Graves, Bedford 5-1
These two went at it very hard. Everyone expected Ryan to have the big hit but figured that if Wayde could stop him that he could win it. Ryan showed that he was more than a power hitter by hanging in with Wayde in the hook and defeating him.

Rick Pinkney, Sackville def Artie MacMaster 6-0

Most thought that after Artie's 6-0 win over Mark Crouse that Rick stood no chance. Starting in a hook Rick as able to stop Artie's hand pronation which was so effective in beating Mark. These were all very tough matches that could have very well went into Artie's favor.

4-Way Lightweight Right Hand

Ed McLellan prevailed as he took out Brendan Samual 2-1 in the final. There was a 3 way tie for second place where Darren Taylor got the bye into the semi-finals. Brendan defeated Will in the tie-breaker and then took out Darren in the semi-finals.

Round-Robin Standings
Ed McLellan 3-0
Brendan Samual 1-2
Darren Taylor 1-2
Will Sarty 1-2



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