Monday Night Wars 13

Repo Sales
Sackville, Nova Scotia
December 17, 2009

Monday Night Wars 13 was moved to a Thursday night at Repo Sales in Sackville. There were 11 matches scheduled. With 3 of them moving to Monday Night Wars 14 and 4 being won by default it made for a sort night. 

In the default wins:
Ralphie Bayers defeated Melvin Peach ( BOTA Left Middleweight)
Darren Taylor defeated Ed McLellan (BOTA Right Lightweight)
Rejean Allain defeated Brian Coffill (BOTA Left Lightweight)
Randy Bayers defeated Gary Laird (BOTA Left Middleweight)

The three matches that moved to Monday Night Wars 14 are:
Will Sarty vs Trever Weatherbee (Right Lightweight)
Mark Crouse vs Ryan Purdy (Right Middlewight)
Shaun Deveau vs Shawn Ross (Right & Left Heavyweight)

In the only non-BOTA match Chris Scott Jr defeated Jason Boudreau 4-0. Chris was able take out Jason's wrist at will and when he couldn't he was able to wheel his should behind for 4 straight wins.

In the other left hand match-up proved to be the most entertaining of the night as brothers Ryan and Matthew Purdy battled hard over 6 matches with Ryan coming out on top 4-2.

In the Right lightweight class Terrence Wrigley was no match for Rejean Allain. Look for Rejean to move quickly through this class. In the Right Middleweight class Randy was pretty dominant over Rick except the last match when Rick was able to stop him and burn him out for a bit, but Randy was able to press through.