Monday Night Wars 11

The Rodeo Lounge
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
July 13, 2009

Except for Ralphie Bayers and Mark Crouse, DOMINATION was the word of the night.  Ralphie and Mark went the full seven matches to decide the winner, with Mark coming out on top.
Monday Night Wars 11

Right Lightweight
Darren Taylor vs. Tim Wrigley
These guys had 5 great matches.  Tim took the 1st match and Darren took the second with a brutally long hook match.  Tim followed up though and took the next 3 but not without some trouble. Tim retains his ranking.

Results: Tim Wrigley 4 - Darren Taylor 1

Right Middleweight
Rejean Allain vs. Ralphie Bayers
Ralphie was able to easily defeat Rejean in the right hand.  Rejean was giving up too much weight and Ralphie's raw strength took him to the the finish line.

Results: Rejean Allain 0 - Ralphie Bayers 4

Right Heavyweight
Wayde Graves vs. Shaun Deveau
Wayde "The Repo Man" Graves got repossessed tonight.  While he wasn't looking Shaun took him down 4 times.  Whatcha gonna do?

Results: Shaun Deveau 4 - Wayde Graves 0


Left Lightweight
Darren Taylor vs. Rejean Allain
Rejean was able to take Darren down fairly consistantly but Darren was able to take Rejean in the 4th match

Results: Rejean Allain 4 - Darren Taylor 10

Left Middleweight
Mark Crouse vs. Ralphie Bayers
This match up was by far the best of the night.  They had to go a full seven matches to decide the winner.  It seemed if Ralphie got in a hook or got in the straps, he won.  Mark won when it stayed on the outside and out of the straps.

Results: Mark Crouse 4 - Ralphie Bayers 3

Left Heavyweight
Wayde Graves vs. Shaun Deveau
The Repo Man didn't fair much better in the left hand but he was able to take Shaun down once

Results: Shaun Deveau 4 - Wayde Graves 1

Left Middleweight
MelvinPeach vs. Randy Bayers
Randy, who just happens to be Ralphies twin brother, proved that he as well has the brute strength of his brother.  Randy took out the very experienced Melvin Peach in 4 straight matches.

Results: Melvin Peach 0 - Randy Bayers 4

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