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Monday Night Wars 10 - Angies' of Burnside

Monday Night Wars 10 took us back to ever popular Angies of Burnside on, oddly enough, Saturday January 10th. We had 5 matched lined up, including a couple ranking matches and a Battle of the Atlantic Championship Match!

Middleweight Left Hand:    Mark Crouse vs. Ryan Purdy
Middleweight Left Hand:    Melvin Peach vs. Gary laird
Heavyweight Right Hand:   Tim Wrigley vs. Shaun Deveau
Heavyweight Left Hand:     Darren Taylor vs. Trever Weatherbee
Middleweight Right Hand:   Rejean Allain vs. Rick Pinkney

Unfortunately, Mark Crouse was unable to attend this Monday Night War and decided to forfeit his belt.  The decision on this was to let the winner of Melvin and Gary arm wrestle Ryan Purdy (#1 contender) for the Middleweight Left Hand Belt.

Today we saw the "old" Melvin make a comeback!  Melvin was able to take Gary down in six consecutive matches with his patented "Big Hit".  Gary was not able to slow Mel down and pull him into his powerful hook. This means that Melvin will go on to pull Ryan Purdy for the belt in early February! Melvin Peach and Gary Laird

Tim Wrigley gave up somewhere close to 60 lbs in this match up. There was no ranking on the line, no belt and no trophy. These two practice together and just wanted to see who was the man!
The first match saw Shaun take early control and rolled Tim out of a weak hook. Tim saw the problem right away and on the second match hit deep into a hook where they had a long match but Tim was able to take the win.
The third match saw some adjustments on Shaun's side and he was able to again roll Tim out for a win. Those three matches took a toll on Shaun though and Tim's stamina (now legendary) took him through the next 3 matches deep in his hook.
Tim Wrigley and Shaun Deveau

Darren Taylor took on Trever Weatherbee in a non-BOTA match up. Darren and Trever are both very strong and Darren really wanted a shot at Trever to "see where he stood". They got right into the straps in the first match with Trever taking the win after a big hit from Darren.
Following that match The boys stayed in the hook for the next three matches with Trever being able to control Darren both high and low. The fifth match saw Darren roll Trever out but then he dropped too low and too a foul in a dangerous position for the loss. The sixth match was a long hook and although Darren did take a foul he was able to take Trever down for a win!
Darren Taylor and Trever Weatherbee

Our last match up of the day was Rick Pinkney and Rejean Allain. We were all looking forward to this match up. Rick is a master technician and Rej has been very impressive with his list of wins this last year. The first match was a very fast smash for Rejean. We actually thought Rick may have hurt himself..he was OK though!
He went on to prove just how OK he was by taking the next five matches from Rej with very good (although not perfect) hand control. These matches could have went either way with Rej taking the jump early with nice control but Rick was able to work his way back and take it all away! Rick Pinkney and Rejean Allain

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