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Battle of the Atlantic Guidelines



A. If a person is not currently in the BOTA, they must challenge the lowest ranked competitor. 
  1. If this challenge is to happen at a scheduled event and the competitor cannot make it than the challenging person can challenge the next person. If that person cannot also make it they in turn can again move to challenge the next in line. This can continue up to 3 positions from the bottom. If none of the bottom 3 ranked people can make the challenge then the challenging person will be placed at the bottom of the ranking and will have first choice for a challenge of up to 3 positions.

B. A challenge cannot be issued to or by a competitor who is currently involved in a challenge in that same hand. 

C. Competitors may challenge up to three spots above their current rank. 

D. Competitors may pull in a heavier class and retain their ranking in the lower weight class. 

E. Competitors who fail to make weight will be considered to have lost that match. 

F. BOTA ranking matches between two ranked competitors will have the following rule set. 
    1. The winner of the match will assume the higher rank. 
    2. The loser will assume the lower rank. 

G. Rematches will not be immediate and there will be a minimum of 2 months before a challenge can be issued.

H. Any competitor that is challenged and cannot enter that match will be given a one-month grace period. If that competitor cannot meet the deadline it will be considered a loss. 
    1. Special considerations will be made for injuries. 

I. #1 ranking only guarantees you one shot at the belt at the BOTA Championship; however, you can be challenged at any Monday Night War prior to the next BOTA Championships. 

J. Should you fail in your Championship match, you will retain your rank but cannot challenge for the belt in the following BOTA Championship Match. 
    1. In the above case, the #2 ranked competitor will be given the opportunity to challenge for the belt. 

K. If, as champion, you fail to defend your belt you will be dropped to 3rd position and all competitors 3rd and above will move up one rank. There will be no change below 3rd. 

L. If, as champion, you are slated to defend your belt and for any reason, cannot make that match, you will be given a 2-month grace period. Within that time you must defend your belt to the challenger. If you cannot meet the deadline you will forfeit your belt and drop to 3rd position and all competitors 3rd and above will move up one rank. There will be no change below 3rd. 

M. Competition dates will be set by the executive.

N. Any person who is absent from the NSAWA for 1 year will be dropped from the Battle of the Atlantic Rankings.

O. Any necessary diversion from this rule set must be approved by the executive and directors. 

P. The executive has final say on all challenges.

Q. The rules will follow CAWF rules with these 2 exceptions:

  1. Small elbow "bumps" will be allowed.
  2. All slip-outs will go to straps.


Please remember these are just Battle of the Atlantic guidelines.  We have the Battle of the Atlantic to encourage competitors to experience a new format that's different from the standard tournament structure.