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Nova Scotia Arm Wrestling Constitution

Updated: JANUARY 2009

ARTICLE I "The Association"

A) The N.S.A.W.A will be run as a non-profit organization.

B) The purpose of the Association is to promote the sport of arm wrestling throughout the province of Nova Scotia.

C) The NSAWA will maintain a close contact with the Canadian and World Arm Wrestling Federation.

D) The N.S.A.W.A executive will consist of the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Director of Public Relations and a Fundraising Chairman. All of which must be residents of Nova Scotia. The Executive will ensure that the Association is run in a manner that ensures its viability.

E) Area directors will be appointed by the executive and added as needed. The job of the area director will be to promote the sport within their area.

F) All executive positions will be 3-year positions.

G) An annual general Meeting will be held in conjunction with the Awards Banquet after the last tournament of the calendar year. This meeting is open to all N.S.A.W.A. members.

ARTICLE II "The Membership"

A) Any person who enters a sanctioned NSAWA event will become a member of the Association for one year.

B) Membership fees will be determined annually at the Annual General Meeting.

C) Membership will entitle bearer to membership with the Canadian Arm Wrestling Federation, voting privileges at the NSAWA Annual General Meeting, and the Atlantic Armwrestler newsletter.

D) Every member will be entitled to one vote. Each member will be entitled to vote on major issues at the Annual General Meeting, but not the daily operation of the Association. Only Nova Scotia members may vote on:
    1) Matters that would have a direct influence on the running of the Association or that the Executive deems to have significant importance.
    2) The executive positions of President, Vice-President, Secretary – Treasurer, and any and all positions created in the future.

E) All voting must be done in person. There will be no voting by proxy.

F) Memberships may be revoked for the following reasons:
    1) Failure to renew dues.
    2) Unsportsmanlike conduct at local competitions
    3) Unsportsmanlike behaviour while representing the Association at a National     or  International event.
    4) Positive drug test.

ARTICLE III “Disciplinary Guidelines”

A) All hearings will be held before the Annual General Meeting.

B) It will be chaired by the Referee-in -Chief.

C) All proceedings except for deliberations will be audio taped.

D) There will be no spectators. The only people present will be the Referee-in-Chief, secretary, directors, complainant, and defendant.

E) Witnesses can be called but will only be present to give testimony and cross-examination.

F) Referee-in-Chief, directors, complainant, and defendant are the only ones who may ask questions of the complainant, defendant and witnesses as they pertain to the hearing at hand.

G) Complainant/defendant do not have to be present during the hearing. They may be represented by someone else if they cannot be present or have a statement read on their behalf.

H) Witnesses can also have statements read on their behalf if they are unable to attend the hearing.

I) One director or their replacement will vote to determine guilt. A guilty verdict will be determined by a 2/3 majority of the directors present. Only directors, referee-in-chief and secretary will be present for deliberations. Voting will be done by secret ballot.

J) Upon a guilty verdict the directors will then determine sentence.

K) Any photocopies of statements, or articles pertaining to the hearing will be gathered at the end of the hearing and destroyed. Only the originals will be kept by the secretary to be sealed in an envelope with the audiotape and the results of the hearing. Only the verdict and sentence will be made public

L) Once the hearing has been brought to a conclusion no one shall discuss any information brought forth during the hearing. Failure to do so could result in charges being laid. Upon a majority vote of the executive statements may be made to protect the integrity of the N.S.A.W.A.

M) Charges must be fled with the referee-in-chief no more than 90 days from date of offence.

 N) Charges must be sent by registered mail or courier (signature mandatory).

O) Once charges have been filed with the referee-in-chief no one shall distribute any information to anyone other than the referee-in-chief. No one shall contact any director or their designate in order to influence their vote. Referee-in-Chief shall distribute all relevant information to the complainant, defendant and the secretary.

P) Referee-in-Chief, secretary, and/or directors must step aside during proceedings if they are involved in the hearing as a complainant, defendant, or witness.

Q) The following formula will be followed:
- Referee-in-Chief >President >Vice President - Secretary > NSAWA  Director > N.S.A.W.A. member in good standing from same province

ARTICLE IV “Harassment”

A) Philosophy - The N.S.A.W.A. is committed to equality of all persons. It shall be free of any form of verbal or physical harassment including but not limited to: sexual, racial, or ethnic harassment. Where incidents of harassment occur the N.S.A.W.A. will take appropriate action up to and including revoking memberships, thereby preventing the offender from N.S.A.W.A. events.

B) Definition - Harassment is any course of vexatious comment or conduct that is known or ought to be known, to be unwelcome by the recipient. This may include: -verbal slurs, abuse, threats or humiliation -unwelcome remarks, jokes, innuendo or taunting about a person’s physical appearance, attire, marital status, age, sex, religion, ethnic or national origin, race,, family status, or disability -displaying offensive or derogatory pictures -practical jokes which cause embarrassment -unwelcome requests or invitations whether indirect or explicit, or intimidation - unnecessary physical contact such as touching, patting, pinching, or punching -conduct which undermines a person’s self respect -leering or other gestures -physical assault

ARTICLE V "Refereeing"

The Nova Scotia Arm Wrestling Association will follow the guidelines set out by the Canadian Armwrestling Federation.

Article VI “Rules”


A) Rules for arm wrestling contests will follow that of the Canadian Arm Wrestling Federation.

B) At the Annual General Meeting rules may be changed from that of the Canadian Arm Wrestling Federation if it is felt that it is in the best interests of the Nova Scotia Arm Wrestling Association.

ARTICLE IX “Tournaments”

A) Only the N.S.A.W.A. can sanction tournaments in Nova Scotia. Any person or business who wish to hold a tournament must contact the N.S.A.W.A. for approval. The N.S.A.W.A. will ensure that all officials are certified and that the tournament is run in a professional manner.

 B) The N.S.A.W.A. will supply all awards for all competitions. Amateur classes will be awarded plaques or trophies. Elite classes will be awarded medallions. Provincial, Atlantic, Canadian, and like tournaments will have special awards which will be chosen by the executive.

C) The N.S.A.W.A. will charge an entry fee at all tournaments that will cover the day to day operations of the Association. This entry fee will be determined at the Annual General Meeting for the following year. The NSAWA will submit to the CAWF the sum of $2.50 per person at each tournament. The N.S.A.W.A. may also charge the establishment where the tournament is being held a fee.

D) All persons wishing to participate in a NSAWA event must sign a waiver of liability that releases the NSAWA, its officials, sponsors, promoters and organizers of any liability for any injury that they may receive from participating in the competition.

E) To ensure that all classes remain competitive the Executive will decide on where a person can participate. Persons will be placed in a class with other competitors of relatively the same ability. At the annual General Meeting everyone will have a voice on who gets to compete where. The objective of this is to create competitive classes with the emphasis on allowing new arm wrestlers a chance to compete against other armwrestlers with limited experience thus allowing them to progress.

F) Juniors will constitute anyone 18 years of age and under. Junior competitors will pay a flat fee of $5.00 per tournament.

ARTICLE X "Awards"

A) Awards will be given out on an annual basis with the year beginning January 1st and ending after the last sanctioned tournament of the year.

B) Awards will be given out in the following categories:
    1) Rookie of the Year - To be chosen by committee; a person, who, in their first year of being a member displays the greatest potential. Eligibility being defined as: a person who has not competed in three tournaments the previous year. Any person who has competed in a tournament prior to that, will not be eligible.
    2) Most Sportsmanlike - to the person who conducts themselves at the arm wrestling table in the most sportsmanlike manner (points will be awarded by the referees at each tournament).
    3) Most Dedicated -To be chosen by committee; a person who shows his dedication to the sport by way of raising awareness of the Association, promoting the sport through clubs or tournaments, or through perseverance.
    4) Most Improved - To be chosen by committee; a person who shows the most improvement from one year to the following year.
    5) Arm Wrestler of the Year - to the person who accumulates the greatest amount of points during the year. Points can be generated with one only right and one only left hand classes. Persons must choose their respective classes during registration.

ARTICLE XI “Rankings”

A) Only members of the N.S.A.W.A. can participate in the ranking system.

B) There will be only four classes of men’s rankings; two for men’s right hand and two for men’s left hand. There will be one class of rankings for women, that being right hand.

C) Rankings will be determined by a ranking tournament. It will be run at year’s end in a triple-elimination event. Seeding will determine match-ups from the previous year’s ranking. Those not ranked will be given a spot with luck of the draw, determining ranking.

D) Rankings will not have any affect on match-ups at tournaments. No seeding.

ARTICLE XII “Strong Hand Hold”

A) The NSAWA hold strong-hand hold competitions after all arm wrestling competitions where there is sufficient time and ability to transport the weights. These competitions may also be held as stand alone competitions.

B) All persons wishing to participate in a strong hand hold competition must sign a waiver of liability that releases the NSAWA, its officials, sponsors, promoters and organizers of any liability for any injury that they may receive from participating in the competition.

ARTICLE XIII “ Newsletter”

A) The NSAWA will publish a newsletter, which will be available online at

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